Sunday, February 25

DIY Natural Baby Wipes

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Best for skin DIY Natural Baby Wipes

Let’s make this natural baby wipes process quick and easy. As a mom myself, I know you have lots to do!

The benefits of making your own DIY Natural Baby Wipes at home:

::: Cost efficient                          ::: Saves “need wipes” trips

::: Safe / toxic free                     ::: Safe for bum, hands, mouth, face

::: Lasting                                      ::: Saves dollars – about $.03/wipe


  • 1 Roll of heavy-duty paper towels (we love Kirklands from Costco or Bounty)
  • 32 oz Mason jar or a glass container that can hold 32 oz water
  • Large square pan/dish
  • 1 tsp Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Unscented Soap
  • 1-2 Tbsp Organic Coconut Oil (I like V’s wipes pretty soft so I use 2 tbsp)
  • 32 oz warm/hot water
  • 4 drops Organic Lavender essential oil
  • 4 drops Organic Tea Tree essential oil

*optional 2 drops Organic Roman Chamomile / or in place of Lavender essential oil


Unroll the paper towel by fanning it on top of itself like you would pull out Post-it notes from a dispenser – so that when you place them in your wipe container they pull out like normal. Once the whole roll it stacked, take a handy pair of scissors and cut them right down the middle.





Break your huge stack in two. Place half of the stack in a square dish/container. You’ll repeat the entire process with stack 2.

Grab your mason jar. Add in the Dr. Bronner’s, essential oils, and then fill with warm/hot water. Add the coconut oil to warm water and mix until it’s melted.



Your water should look cloudy after adding the Dr. Bronner’s soap.


Pour half of the water mixture over and in the paper towels by fanning them open.



Get the coconut oil mixture all around and in the paper towels.

Squish them down to get it all wet.


Store some in your OXO Wipes Warmer (this is our favorite kind as it has a weighted plate to keep wipes down), and the rest in a dry BPA free container, glass container, or a gallon baggy if you’re traveling.

Note: you want to store in BPA free plastic as the essential oils will pull out toxins.

Repeat the same process with the stack 2 and remainder water mixture. Add more water if they are still dry. Store your second stack for later use in a cool place and voila!

You have just successfully made your very own safe, non-toxic, DIY Natural Baby Wipes!

These are safe to use on their hands, mouth, face, and bum bum. I have used other popular organic “natural” brands to wipe V’s face and he ended up getting very dry skin afterwards. These DIY Natural Baby Wipes will and should not ever do that!

Do you make your own wipes? Which oils do you use? Do you prefer them to store-bought wipes? Share below!


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