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The Best Dog food in Fort Wayne

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This is Baine. Our Blue-Coon as we call him, half Blue Heeler, half Coonhound. Up until last weekend, we thought we were getting him really good food that we were spending about $50-60 (depending on sales) per month for a 30 lb. bag.
Baine featimg SMLFor the most part, Baine, like most dogs we hear, would only eat when we were home. This would be in the morning on the weekends, or after we get home in the afternoon during the week, of which he would then follow-up by another cup as his late dinner. He never really seemed enthused either when he heard the bits falling into his glass bowl. Which seems normal right? The only thing they usually get excited over is people food or the word they eventually learn means treat. So he never gets excited when he is going to get fed his daily grub.

Well we try not to really give him people food at all but of course can’t stop it when we go to a certain friends house ahem… you know who you are 🙂 … and his dad feeds him hot dogs like the stand was going out of business. He’s a really happy dog then. Getting him out of that habit takes at least a week or two but hey, everyone needs a vacation.

So back to the food.

Last weekend I was over at Firefly on Anthony meeting a new friend, and afterwards I decided to finally walk into the store I had been wondering about for some time now, “green Dog Goods – Holistic Supplies, Training and Grooming.” See them on the map here. Jody Norton was behind the counter and we began chit chatting over their services, products, training, etc. As Jody began explaining organic products, food cautions, safety, flea products, etc. I knew she carried expertise in the science of pet health, but got to see how passionate she is about the well-being of our beloved pets.


I asked her about the dog food we have been feeding Baine for a little under a year now, Nutro Natural Choice pictured to the right. Like I mentioned above, we were spending about $50-60 on a 30lb. bag every month and a half, and from what my eyes could gather they a decent organic brand that has no corn. Corn in an animals diet becomes extremely toxic to them, eventually leading to digestive issues and organ failures. In this regard, they are just as sensitive to it as farm animals and us. She let me know that it can be hard to determine whether or not there is some form of corn in most dog foods, as many of the companies are not transparent in their ingredients, getting a majority of ingredients from China. Why? Beats any of us. But I knew right then and there I wanted something better for Baine. We could tell he wasn’t happy with is food anyways so it was worth the shot.

Jody led me over to the foods explaining how the foods they select are made in the USA and/or in Canada, 20140330_110646are transparent in their ingredients list, and have no GMO’s or corn in their feed. They even have one for all the Wisconsin-ers!!! Made with Wisconsin cheese! Made me think of a good friend and Culver’s haha! The cost of the foods they carry in 30 lb. bags are all very affordable too! Anywhere from $44-70 – huh… just like pet stores!

So it made me think, how many of us are going to the pet store buying what we think is good food for our pets, only to discover that the price tag isn’t matching the advertising? Me. Well not anymore! I decided to start with the most simple blend with Chicken & Whitefish (good for belly shedding – of which drives me nuts) as she recommended with a total price tag of $44.87 .


We are soooooo pleased to say that Baine LOVES HIS DOG FOOD NOW. He actually got excited when I brought the new bag of dog food home – I swear it’s like for a moment he could read English and see in color!Baine Food2We have NEVER seen this dog so excited to eat dry dog food. Ever. And it happened for a whole week as we slowly transitioned him into the new food! To this day his tail wags at the sound of “you hungry? want some food?” followed by bits flowing into his glass dish. I must say, it makes us feel good that our pup is now happy to eat! We know now he didn’t like eating other foods because it was … well crap to him, often making his tummy upset. By not eating human food, we were able to tell what upsets his stomach easier too.

Jody also educated me in the fact/myth of not changing a dogs food. It’s actually a myth. Just like us, and in order to keep their bellies tough, we SHOULD be switching up their food every other, if not every bag of 30 lb food. This allows their digestive system to build up healthy flora, become stronger and less susceptible to sensitivities. Especially when they eat something they shouldn’t. Keeping our dogs on a one-dog-food-diet for the rest of their lives is just not healthy.

For coat issues and dry skin, Jody also recommended … wait for it….. coconut oil! Imagine that good ‘ol coconut oil creeping up again.  Our pets are really not so far removed from us after all. If you want to try implementing coconut/flax or fish oil into their diet and you are starting a new food, start with the new food first, then once their stool is sound and seems as though their tummy has adjusted, begin adding in the choice of oi. Add about 1 tbsp 2-3x per week, melted and poured over their food. Jody said she also just pours a little water over the dry food to get it moist and easier to digest. We have a happy dog now!

If you want to know more about healthy, corn and GMO free dog food for your pets we can’t recommend Green DogGoods enough! It is The place in our opinion to buy dog food in Fort Wayne.

Jody and Lesley are so knowledgeable having worked with animals for over 7 years. Check out their website here for more on their holistic pet services. Thank you Jody for helping make our Blue-Coon a little happier!


New Food Transition Schedule

First two days: 1/4 cup new and 3/4 cup old food

Third and fourth day: 1/2 new 1/2 old

Fifth and sixth day: 3/4 new 1/4 old

Seventh day on: all new.


Disclaimer: Jody in no way rejected or put down major brand names of dog food, or pet stores, including Nutro mentioned above during our conversation. She simply shared her years of research and knowledge on food grades, personal choice, and foods that can be toxic to pets. This article is in no way meant to steer consumers towards one brand or another, but instead to inform the community of local businesses, pet care, food availability, and to help those make informed decisions when it comes to pet care.

If my dog could talk… Corn free Dog Food = Happy Dog


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