Sunday, February 25

10 Tips for Getting Things Done

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Sometimes … ok … most of the time it feels as though the day just swooshes by and nothing I really wanted to get done, gets done. busy deskWhether you’re a stay at home parent, a 9-5 professional, an entrepreneur, or retired and enjoying freedom, when the day ends up ruling us, I’m sure there are a number of us that head for that bottle of wine or… our beautiful hair. And whose desk ends up looking like this? Mine.

This week as I was trolling Pinterest, I came across a pin directing me to a lady named Ruth, and her Living Well Spending Less blog. As an entrepreneur kicking off our Health and Wellness career (the site you are on:), I am always pulled into my Householder duties – as the ancient yogis call it. Wife, daughter, doggy mom, friend, yoga teacher, business builder, team leader, housekeeper, question answerer, babysitter, etc. Look like yours give or take a few? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy each of those roles! Usually just not layering one another. So naturally this pin caught my attention because well… I need some time management ideas!

I skimmed through Ruth’s post and INSTANTLY found that #1, #2, #7 (not a mom but I have a mom, 2 hyper dogs, and nieces), and #8 I REALLY NEEDED IN MY LIFE – yesterday. However I won’t implement anything if it’s not in my face every day for the first month. I am a visual person, so in order to have the time management I so desire I have to be reminded (and to save my brain from sensory overload – to the point where Vetiver and Serenity are on my feet and I’m crawling in bed, hopeful for the next day).

SO….. I decided to make a short & sweet version of her post condensing it down into a 1 page pdf that is printable, and stickable, as a visual reminder. I am implementing my favs as I end this post and hope even one of these will smooth out your day as well!


I’d love to hear how these work for you or if you have something not on here that does so please share in the comments below!

getting things done post

Check out Ruth’s full post including her personal experience on 10 Tips for Getting More Things Done Every Single Day! Thank you Ruth for sharing!



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